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26 February 2020Raphael and his Rivals in Rome

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Raphael and his Rivals in Rome Sian Walters Wednesday 26 February 2020

2020 marks the 500th anniversary of Raphael's death

Raphael is often referred to as one of the three giants of the High Renaissance in Italy, alongside Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, yet his fame and position in the canon of art history may seem hard to explain.

Lecture 1 - Raphael

We explore how Raphael achieved this extraordinary rise in status, tracing the development of early works and influences to the masterpieces created in Rome.

Lecture 2 - Michelangelo

We study the work of Michelangelo in Rome and his rivalry with contemporary artists, with particular reference to the question of art criticism and how the writings of Vasari may have shaped our understanding of artists over time.

Lecture 3 - Sebastiano

Sebastiano del Piombo, a rival of Raphael, trained under Bellini and Giorgione in Venice but moved to Rome in 1511 where he encountered Michelangelo, a meeting which would give rise to friendship and artistic collaboration.

Sian Walters MA(Cantab.) is an art historian who lectures widely in the UK and Europe for organisations like the NationalGallery and the Wallace Collection.She also runs her own highly regarded company,’Art History in Focus’.She specialises,inter alia,in 15 &16c. Italian Art and has lived in both France and Italy.

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